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EMT Responcibilities

Important EMT responsibilities

1. Is this patient sick or not sick? 
One of the most critical EMT responsibilities is assessing the medical needs of the sick or injured. This must be done quickly and efficiently, especially in serious life or death situations when a minute lost can mean the difference between saving someone or not.
In order to provide an accurate assessment, an EMT must remain composed enough to draw upon his or her training and experience. Sometimes making an assessment is relatively easy. An example would be when a child has fallen and broken their arm. The EMT stabilizes the broken bone, checks for shock or any other injuries and transports the child to the hospital so the bone can be x-rayed and set.
A more difficult assessment would be a car crash where multiple people are injured. Then, the EMT must decide who is in the most dire need of help and administer aid to save that person before responding to the others.

2. What are the patient's vital signs? 
Another one of the top EMT responsibilities involves taking vital signs of the sick or injured. The first of the basic vital signs is level of consciousness (LOC). Is the patient conscious or unconscious? Are they awake and able to communicate? To they respond to physical stimulation? The second vital sign is respiration. Are they breathing? If not, swift intervention must occur to save them. Is their breathing weak or labored and rasping? This can indicate their condition.
The next step is to take their pulse to see if their heart is still pumping blood through their veins. If no pulse, immediate steps must be taken to restart the heart beating. The condition of the patient's skin is another vital sign. Color is important. Are they flushed, jaundiced, pale or bluish? What is their skin temperature – hot, cold or clammy? Dry or heavily perspiring? These can indicate their condition and guide the EMT toward a medical assessment. Their pupils are another vital sign. Dilated or restricted? How do they respond to light? Blood pressure is also a vital sign. If their blood pressure is extremely high or low, measures must be taken to remediate.
                                                      3. What is the patient's history?
Taking a SAMPLE history is another of the top five important EMT responsibilities. SAMPLE stands for:
S – Signs and symptoms
A – Allergies
M – Medications
P – Pertinent past medical history
L – Last oral intake
E – Events leading to injury/illness

4. How are you going to move the patient?
Properly moving patients is also one of the most important EMT responsibilities. EMTs must always lift and carry patients in a manner that insures their safety. They must also take steps to insure their own safety and avoidance of injury. Proper lifting and moving methods include using at least two people, making sure the patient is properly strapped into the stretcher, coordinating movements with the coworker and using the correct lifting techniques.
5. How are you going to handle your stress? 
Maintaining composure in critical and stressful situations in another of the top EMT responsibilities. These can include mass casualty incidents, emotionally charged situations, the death of injury of children, incidents of violence or the death or injury of a friend, relative or coworker. An EMT must also realize when their mental state is affected by job stress and take appropriate actions to get help. Some of the indications of being overly stressed are insomnia, nightmares, anger, disorientation, panic attacks, depression, memory loss and increased alcohol use.

F.R Responcibilities

Responsibilities of Fire Fighter (F.R)

 The role of a firefighter covers a diverse range of tasks, some you'll do every day while others are less frequent. They include:
·         responding immediately and safely to emergency calls and requests for assistance;
·         attending emergency incidents including fires, road accidents, floods, terrorist incidents, spillages of dangerous substances, and rail and air crashes;
·         rescuing trapped people and animals;
·         minimizing distress and suffering, including giving first aid before ambulance crews arrive;
·         safeguarding your own and other people's personal safety at all times;
·         cleaning up and checking the site after dealing with an incident;
·         taking time to become familiar with local streets, roads and buildings so you can respond to emergency calls with speed and efficiency;
·         inspecting and maintaining the appliance (fire engine) and its equipment, assisting in testing fire hydrants and checking emergency water supplies;
·         undertaking drills and physical training and taking part in training on techniques, use of equipment and related matters;
·         maintaining the level of physical fitness necessary to carry out all the duties of a firefighter;
·         educating and informing the public to promote fire safety by giving talks in schools and to local organizations, as well as home visits to offer advice, etc;
·         Maintaining links with the local community.

At management level, you'll perform extra supervisory activities which include managing operational incidents and directing the day-to-day tasks of personnel on fire stations. You'll find that the operational aspects of firefighting, although important, are a minor part of a senior manager's role in a large service.

 Responsibilities typically include:
·         Assessing situations quickly and deciding on the best course of action;
·         Directing the crew;
·         Writing full incident reports;
·         Fire investigation;
·         Budget administration and control;
·         Allocation of personnel and resources to achieve performance targets;
·         Negotiating with representative bodies;
·         Dealing with external agencies;
·         Planning and resource management;
·         Dealing with political aspects of the Fire and Rescue Authority (FRA).

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